Tell the Assembly: #NotAgain

Governor Cuomo and the Senate have acted to bring ridesharing to all of New York. Now it’s up to the Assembly to make it happen, but the bill they’ve proposed won’t deliver. We need your help to fix that.

As drafted, the Assembly’s bill creates a patchwork of local rules for ridesharing. Rather than one set of rules for the whole state, we could end up with different rules for every community — potentially including bans in some places. Senator Chris Jacobs says this will make ridesharing “completely unworkable:”

We have 23 municipalities just in Erie County. If each one has its own rules and regulations that would make ridesharing completely unworkable.

We’ve gotten this far twice before in Albany and came up short because of similar approaches — we can’t let it happen this time too.

Take Action

There are two ways you can get involved and make your voice heard before the Assembly begins hashing this out next week:

Post a comment on the Assembly Majority’s Facebook page with #NotAgain
Tag the Assembly Majority in a tweet using #NotAgain

Be sure to also explain why you want ridesharing in your community.

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