Grassroots Pressure Builds on Assembly to Act

Mayors, organization, and individuals are speaking up to demand the Assembly not miss another opportunity to bring ridesharing to all of New York.

Governor Cuomo and the Senate have already acted on ridesharing. Now it’s up to the Assembly to get this done.

But the bill they’ve proposed will bring ridesharing to only some of our communities since it would allow each community to come up with their own rules for ridesharing — even ban it. This would “make ridesharing completely unworkable,” says Senator Chris Jacobs.

They also passed on the opportunity yesterday to include ridesharing legislation in the budget process, as Governor Cuomo and the Senate have done which news media called a “setback.”

Mayors Byron Brown (Buffalo), Stephanie Miner (Syracuse), Kathy Sheehan (Albany), Robert Palmieri (Utica), Jacqueline Izzo (Rome), Steve Noble (Kingston), Richard David (Binghamton), Svante Myrick (Ithaca), and Mayor Lovely Warren sent a letter to Assembly leaders encouraging them to get this done once and for all:

Organizations and individuals are getting involved as well using #NotAgain in reference to state leaders missing two previous opportunities to bring ridesharing to all of New York:

You can get involved and make your voice heard too. Here’s how:

Post a comment on the Assembly Majority’s Facebook page with #NotAgain
Tag the Assembly Majority in a tweet using #NotAgain