70+ Groups to Albany: Act on Ridesharing

70+ Groups to Albany: Act on Ridesharing

Responding to calls for support by Governor Andrew Cuomo, more than seventy business and advocacy groups announced their support for ridesharing for the first time today.

The groups, which include businesses and advocates from Buffalo, Albany, Rochester, and Syracuse, and the downstate regions of Long Island and Hudson, formally signed on to our team, and discussed their plans to help bring ridesharing options statewide as the issue is debated in Albany for a third time.

More than 70 percent of New York residents support bringing ridesharing statewide according to a recent Quinnipiac poll; nonetheless, Buffalo remains the largest city in the nation without it.

In joining our coalition, these 70 groups have promised to call their legislators; draft letters of support; encourage their own communities to support the legislation; and build on an already momentous groundswell for ridesharing statewide.

Activists, elected officials, business owners and others expressed their support for ridesharing in communities from Long Island to Buffalo.

Kingston Mayor Steve Noble:

As we have seen in the 36 states across the nation that have passed TNC laws, communities just like Kingston can be transformed through the implementation of this new resource. Passing ridesharing legislation will put money in local cash registers, raise tax revenues for the state, improve our quality of life and take drunk drivers off the road. This is an effort that everyone should get behind.”

Nicole Caine, President of the College Democrats at the University of Buffalo:

For students, ridesharing can literally be a lifesaver. By discouraging impaired driving, ridesharing allows kids to have their college experience without risking themselves or others on the road. It also makes cities like Buffalo and Rochester, which educate tens of thousands of young people every year, more appealing options for students to start their lives after graduation.

Nick Sinatra, CEO of Sinatra & Company Real Estate in Buffalo:

Buffalo’s long-term success relies on its ability to remain competitive nationally. Today, Buffalo is the largest city in the nation without ridesharing— while folks in Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, and even New York City, successfully use these platforms every day. It’s time for downstate lawmakers to stop depriving upstate cities of an economic resource they already have. That’s why we’ve joined New Yorkers for Ridesharing— because it’s time someone stood up for Buffalo.

Kale Kaposhilin, President, Hudson Valley Tech Meetup, a technology and innovation group based in the Hudson Valley:

Technology has the capacity to augment the lives of urbanites, suburbanites and rural residents alike; rideshare is a perfect example. No matter where you live, ridesharing opens up your immediate environment. It builds social and professional opportunities for people without cars and allows visitors, residents and individuals with disabilities to get around hassle-free, all with the click of a button. It’s time New York embraced innovation for the sake of its residents and tourists, and enacted statewide ridesharing legislation now.

Harry Somma of Citizens Campaign for the Environment based in Long Island:

Ridesharing helps reduce traffic congestion, while curbing harmful air emissions. Improving air quality protects public health, reduces respiratory-related disease, and protects our communities. Long Island is on the front lines of battling climate change. Expanding ridesharing for all New Yorkers will help reduce noxious greenhouse gases and fight climate change. Increased access to ridesharing for all New Yorkers is a win-win.

Our Team

Statewide: MedTrans Network; Suburban Millennial Institute; The Lia Auto Group

Albany: Albany Visitor’s Bureau; Association Development Group; Bake Rite; Bomber’s Burrito Bar; Capital Region Chamber; Casa Visco; Downtown Albany Business Improvement District; Evocative; Horizon Bradco; Nine Pin Cider Works; Prestige Hospitality Group; Renaissance Albany Hotel; Shady Harbor Marina and Boathouse Grill; Tech Valley Security; Yankee Distillery

Buffalo: Allentown Association; Amherst Chamber of Commerce; Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus; Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra; Buffalo Place; Buffalo Zoo; Buffalo Lofts; Ellicott Development; Elmood Village Association; Emerging Business Leaders; Genessee County Chamber of Commerce; GOBike Buffalo; Kaleida Health; Niagara Tourism & Convention Corporation; Niagara USA Chamber; Olmsted Center for Sight; Parkside Community Association; Savarino Companies; Shared Mobility; Signature Developments; Sinatra and Company Resale; Smith Sovik; Taste of Buffalo; University of Buffalo

Rochester: Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired; Greater Rochester Enterprise; Green Topia; Ibero; Reconnect Rochester; Rochester Rhinos; Rochester Young Professionals; Umphrey’s Lane

Syracuse: CenterState Corporation for Economic Opportunity; Empire Brewing; O Yoga Studio; The Ice Cream Stand; The York

Long Island: Launchpad Long Island; LISTNET; Suffolk County Alliance of Chambers; Long Island Association; Long Island Business Council

Hudson Valley/Westchester: Business Council of Westchester; Citizens for the Environment; Dragon Search; Dutchess Tourism Board; Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation; LGBT Network; Orange County Tourism; Rhinebeck Area Chamber of Commerce; Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce