Join us if you want to bring ridesharing to ALL of New York:

Bring Ridesharing to ALL of New York

We’re a coalition of thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations who believe Albany must act to bring ridesharing to ALL of New York to improve our transportation options, create economic opportunity, and fight drunk driving.

We’re so close to reaching our goal. Governor Cuomo and the Senate have taken action. Now it’s up to the Assembly to make it happen, but the bill they’ve proposed simply won’t deliver. This has happened twice before — we can’t let it happen this time too. Join us in telling them #NotAgain.

Tell the Assembly: #NotAgain

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Building Momentum

Sponsored by the Internet Association, New Yorkers for Ridesharing is a coalition of organizations, businesses and citizens who believe it’s time to bring ridesharing to ALL of New York. Click here to join us.